Sunday, December 28, 2014

Comments screwup and a nice holiday.

I must have changed something in my blogger settings for comments because I see that I had at least 20 comments that required moderation. Huh? I never touched that setting...I think.

So all this time I thought nobody was really reading anything. Sorry folks.

I get to the kids house with broad band and I load blogger only to find all these nice comments on my posts. You guys must have thought I was rude or something. Oh well. They are there now and I changed the settings. We have been so caught up in prepping for leaving the States that I completely overlooked the fact that I had comments to moderate.

I admit to slacking off on the posts lately. Been busy and too lazy to get to the marina office to couch it with the locals getting good wifi. The few times we did manage to get to the couch we met some nice folks. Problem is we get to talking and then I never get the damn posts out there. We are having fun with the kids and about ready to get back to cruising. I hated being in one place this long but it made for a relatively short drive to Savannah from here.

We will be back to our adventuring real soon and with lots of things to write about. Stay tuned.

Hope everyone had a great holiday so far. Christmas was fun this year with our immediate family in one spot for a change, Our Grandsons are amazing. We will really really miss these little men and their wonderful parents. Deb's mom made the trip up from Florida as well so it was extra special for us. Good times.

Now it's back to the business of cruising. 



  1. What? You have a life that happens independently of the blog? How could that be true? Never mind that our own blog has been updated exactly twice in the last months. That doesn't count. Hope you enjoy yourselves out there. We live through you, but no pressure, dude, no pressure

  2. Glad you had a great Christmas. Have a Happy New Year ... sounds like it's gonna be exciting! Love the photo!