Monday, August 10, 2015

Bombs Away

Yesterday I was getting a few projects done while nursing my sore back. I pulled or tweaked a lower muscle and it hurt like hell if I moved a certain way. I was being careful and trying not to do anything stupid. After a while I got a wee bit tired as I have not had much sleep with this back problem. I decided to lay down in the aft cabin for maybe a half hour.

I was reading for maybe ten minutes and then closed my eyes. I woke up five minute later with rain drops on my leg. If the hatch above the aft cabin is open we will know when it rains because our legs get wet. Damn. It was perfectly sunny out when I went below. Hmm, the rain stopped. I opened my eyes and looked at the hatch to see the blazing sun. Then I looked at my legs. Green. Green dots. Green dots and a blob of...
BIRD SHIT. Bird shit on me. Bird shit on the bed. Bird shit on the floor.

It was a perfect shot. The crap hit the screen and then formed a spray pattern which went everywhere. I told Deb about the mess out back while sanitizing my legs with Purell. I sprayed shout on the sheets and tossed them in the laundry basket and then cleaned up the floor and the rest of the area. Deb went off to do the laundry in a huff and I was too pissed off to lay down.

Nap over.

I remembered Deb had this hatch cover she made for WhisperIII, our previous boat. It was still in the v berth. I immediately took it and deployed the thing. All these years and it took a direct hit from a bird to make me put this thing to use.

When we were in Jax I was told of a day when people were sitting outside having drinks and lunch at a Jax beach cafe when a pelican flew low over the tables and unloaded. Women screamed, men cursed, children laughed. I'm glad I missed it. No pelicans here. Just small accurate birds.


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  1. It's important to look to nature for these little signs that point us in the right direction. - grin-