Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Sail

Ho Ho Ho and away we go! We left Shroud Cay on a blustery day trying to get to Big Majors Spot. We had some thirty miles to go and had no intention of using the diesel. We had a SE wind. Not ideal. We took off close hauled and then fell off a bit to get some speed going and not bash ourselves too much with the wind and waves.

We ended up sailing about thirty miles but still had another ten to go before we dropped the hook. We were running out of daylight so even though we hated to do it we started the engine and motor sailed into the harbor.

Even though we were reefed down in 20 knots of wind on the nose we had a pleasant time out there on the Exuma bank. Sailing on Christmas day was on the bucket list. Check that one off.

We had a Fench Canadian boat come up over our bow just a wee bit too close which got me to let out  little more headsail. We passed him on the low side and then came up in front. He tacked over in frustration and I had thoughts of covering him but what the hell. That was enough fun for me.

Christmas just wasn't the same without the kids. This was our first time without them being around for the holidays. Not liking it one bit. Definately one of the drawbacks to this cruising life.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.


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  1. Might I suggest a pig roast to celebrate the New Year? Remembering....