Monday, February 15, 2016

Writer's Block

Not sure what my problem is but I don't seem to have the energy to write anything. I blame Facebook actually. Short posts about the days happenings are easy to do in Facebook and miserable to accomplish in Blogger. Google kind of left Blogger out there to die I think. The app is useless and for us to use Chrome to access the site is slow and our screens are now so small that I would be blind in a few weeks trying to update that site. I occasionally do an update using email. This works but photos do not really line up with the text and sometimes the paragraphs are all messed up.

To possibly get out of my funk I downloaded a new app to replace the official Blogger app. Maybe this will help make it easier to update.

 I still need something to write about. We have had some adventures but I listed them in FB and do not feel like expanding them for blogger. Maybe I lack protein. Our eggs we bought in Salt Pond, LI turned bad and I have not had the stomach for one since. Nothing worse than cracking open a bad egg. At the time we were rolling quite badly in an anchorage and the bowl with the rotten eggs went sliding down the counter and crashed, spilling the foul smelling goo all over. Yep, no eggs for a while. Protein gives you energy and I have been a slacker lately. I also have not had any fruit in a month. I could have scurvy. I now have a bag of oranges and have hit the supplements in case thats the problem. No, not going to consume cows so don't even make a comment about it.

Our travels have been fun and interesting yet they aren't anything I'm excited about putting into words. It could be the people we have encountered. All pretty much normal human beings. I  have not met any squirrely individuals in quite a while. Assuming they are still in ample supply and I just have not attracted any recently. I seriously think the problem may be our lack of bars. A late afternoon in a bar with a bunch of drunks usually provides gobs of material. We need to fix this.

Well that would be unhealthy now wouldn't it.
Fun and creative but unhealthy

I could try writing something serious. Maybe even a (gulp) travel blog style where I describe the days events. Nah. No can do. I would hate that and besides Deb has that covered. Maybe a boat project blog! Things I fucked up today. That could be funny but then I would have to do boat projects and that would use up all my energy. So, I guess we go some more without anything significant hitting these pages.

You know, I did write something naughty last year while on night anchor watch. After I wrote it I thought oh boy this will never be published. Not sure I even wanted Deb to read it. Maybe I should put it out there and see what happens. I might be down to 4 readers after that. Four naughty readers.

Is this a family friendly blog? Fuck no (Sorry kids). So maybe I will look over the naughty Anchor Watch post and see if it's too out there for your Fifty Shades of Plain Vanilla minds. Imagine if Gumby walked into the Fifty Shades of Gray book...

That's all for now. Maybe. I don't know. We'll see. I'll take some protein powder. My muscles need toning anyway. Starting to get man boobs.

One of my favorite shows when I was a wee lad was the Gumby and Pokey show. After Popeye I would watch Gumby slide into different history books and have an adventure. Good entertainment. Way better than David and Goliath. So one eve after a few bev's I imagined Gumby walking into some non history books and the 1st one I thought of was 50 shades. So I googled Gumby, 50 shades and there it was. Not sure if I am worried that I think along the same lines as MAD magazine. 


  1. Hi Paul,

    Hey keep up writing the Blog, I look at it every single day and rarely look at FB much. I also follow TJ and Deb which you started me following.
    I know its hard, but do your best to keep it going.
    So much fun following your travels and your humor.
    We just make videos which detail much of what we do. I know you follow them and for me making a video is much easier than writing a blog.
    Say hi to Deb and keep well!


    1. Hello Roy! Good to hear from you. Thanks for following along. No worries regarding the blog. Just hitting a dry spell. Hope all is well with you and family.

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  3. Hi Paul, Good news that! Keep sailing away! Roy

  4. Please keep writing just as you have been. I enjoy traipsing through the the landscape of your unique mind. It helps me feel as if I am normal.