Sunday, April 17, 2016

This blogs for you!

I start off the blog with a pic of myself.
I'm so vain. I probably thing this blog is about me.
You can see that cruising has not stopped the gray.
I forget sometimes that there are people that do not go on Facebook. Whaaat!? Smart people you are. It's mostly a time waster and unless you have really cool friends it's all just dog and cat photos, politics and inspirational memes. So in honor of you FB Free peeps, this blogs for you! Complete with pictures not seen on FB! Screw those people and their cute dog photos. You are getting sailing related photography first hand. Keep in mind that I do not take a lot of photos. So don't get too excited.

Guilligans Island kayaking

I really do not like carrying a camera around and I am somewhat paranoid about being viewed as a tourist. Not that I can pull of being a local in any of the last four countries we have been to. I am about as white as they get. I just do not want to look like the typical American tourist taking photos of everything they see. I leave that to Debra. Most of the time I am enjoying the moment and stopping to take a photo ruins it. You ever have that happen? A pausing of the moment so we can all smile into the device? Hate that. Pause this incredibly fun and instantaneous moment so I can get some forced smiles and revisit this photo ten years from now wondering who the hell you people are. Ready? Smile!

Some random Church(?) in Ensenada.
Facebookers don't get this kind of nonsense photography.
You`re special

You might see dolphins swimming on your bow and you run below to get your camera. You finally take a shot and all you get is a fin. You could have been watching them the whole time and enjoying the moment. There's the marvelous sunset you are taking 20 photos of so you can get the right one to post on Facebook because there aren't enough sunset photos (guilty). The whole time you could be hugging your honey watching that Sun go down and maybe getting lucky. Lucky to find another beer in the fridge that is :)

So I have some photos for you just not a lot of them and yes you are missing out. It's incredible out here some days. Some days are terrifying as well but those days make the others incredible. See how that works? It's like when you have a shitty day at work and Friday rolls around and you hop out to a bar with your friends and enjoy some laughs. You get home and think, "Boy was that fun! I wish I could do that every night!" Well, if you had recorded that night and played it back say, weeks later you would think, these people are idiots! Why was that such a good night? I laugh at the dumbest things and the pizza was horrible.

Your shitty day at work is what made that night great. Did I expound on this subject way too much? By the way there is always some sober person around to tell you just how lame that night really was.

Our current location. Stop by. We'll party. Bring beer. Vegetables too. Pizza would be great.

Pssst! We're not there anymore and we've had some good pizza so just bring beer.

We rounded Cabo Rojo on a relatively calm morning. We got lucky. Since that time the winds have been brutal. I imagine the seas are too but I'm not going out there to check. The anchorage inside the cape was rolly as hell which is still less rolly than Rum Cay. We were anxious to leave. Well, I was just anxious. That cape has some horror stories. We motored the whole way as it was directly into the wind. The whole time I was plotting what to do if the engine quit. "Let's see, immediate turn downwind and roll out the genny, then sail back while I try to restart". Does anyone else think like this?

Cabo Rojo

Parguera was cool. Kind of seedy but cool. Found a nice bar and restaurant with craft beers and veggie tacos! That was a nice surprise. This place looked like it was once a party town and is trying to make a comeback. No place to dock a dinghy though. We asked a guy on an anchored sailboat if there was a place to tie off. He hopped in his dinghy and lead us to a dock where he asked his friends allow us to tie off. Cool.

For some reason I had a slight hangover headache from the craft brews. I know, this sucks! My guess is that I have been drinking weasel piss beer for so long that my head needs time to adjust to the real deal again. By the way I am on the last of my good beer stores. Sad times.

We are also down to just two onions and three lemons. That is all the fresh produce that we have. What the hell am I going to do with that? None of the stores we found in the various little towns have fresh produce. The little market in Puerto Real had some rotting lettuce and peppers and the big market in Mayaguez had a horrible selection. Apparently we went to the wrong market as the other one across town had a treasure trove of fresh everything. We listened to the locals about where the best place was. Apparently locals do not like vegetables. They do like donuts though! Holy shit there are some incredible donuts here. Stuff will kill you but damn were they good.

Parguera has a fantastic harbor. Lots of little mangrove islands and reefs to dive on. Problem is the powerboats that go back and forth really get annoying. They all have to pass close for some reason.  Then there was disco night. Some local bar had a band at first and then switched to music with bass so loud and thumping it took your breath away. The tunes were OK but then the disco music started and my brain began to overheat. There was actually an hour long version of YMCA that was some sort of disco music compilation. Kill me! This went on until 2am. We left that morning.

So here we are waiting for the trades to subside a bit before we move on east. (Not really. This post is old) We have no agenda now except to get to Trinidad in one piece and before the hurricanes start up. We will stop at some islands and skip others. We will not see it all. We can't possibly do that on this trip. Come November we will be on the move again. Probably up the island chain and then back down again but who knows. One day at a time.

So for ALL you blog readers out there I hope you enjoyed our special moment . Those Facebookers don't even know this post is here. They can only read one paragraph anyway before they get distracted by a dog wearing clothes or a sunset photo.


P.S.  This was just a reminder post to let you know I was still blogging. I believe I left off with the arrival to Luperon which is ancient history now but I have a post almost done on our escape from Luperon, which was fun. Stay tuned. Don't leave me. Those facebook people are so shallow. They defriend and unfollow you at the drop of a hat when I say something disgusting or I violate their religious or political beliefs. You are all I have left. You are my only hope Obiwa...

By the way I have not seen the latest Star Wars movie yet. I feel so unamerican.
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  1. We are here. Keep blogging. FB sucks. Your posts there are way to short and leave too much to weird imaginations like ours. We want details!