Friday, August 5, 2016

I miss food.

Yesterday I hit up the local grocery store looking for Murphy's Oil soap. Did not find it but I did find some fresh corn! Yes! I was pretty excited. We cooked it up and..blech! Awful. This corn is a very long way from Nebraska. Was it grown in a lab on the space station?

Adding corn to the list of food and drink I must have when back in the States.

Grilled fresh corn
Greek salad
Thai food
NY everything bagel with olive pimento cream cheese
Real pizza
Rohrbachs Scotch Ale
Actual fresh produce
Guinness on tap
Any beer on tap that isn't yellow
A veggie dog at Dogtown (Schnauzer, loaded)
Wegmans grated Parmesan reggiano
Lasagna (The noodles are pkgd in boxes. Boxes here have weevils. Weevils bad)
Good Mexican food.
I am sure there is more but this post is making me hungry. I should wait to buy new clothes until just before we are ready to fly back to Trini because I might be a little fatter then when I arrived.


I still have a post ready to go about our food stores as we travelled down the thorny path. This post was just a re-post from my personal FB page.
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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wrap it up

Hey, there's a blog post coming! No really. I just need to add pictures for those that don't really read the blog. Visuals. It's all about the visuals.

So we are wrapping up our season and our boat. Never stored a boat in the tropics before. Last time we stored the boat I had a tarp over it to keep the snow off and anti-freeze in the plumbing to keep it from exploding. This will be different. I imagine coming back to find snakes and poisonous spiders living in the hull and a thick layer of black mold over everything. Maybe a monkey family in the rigging.

This will be an extended storage because of a granddaughter arriving in December. We will endure a Rochester NY winter until January. Was hoping to avoid this but what the hell I was hoping to avoid Erie Pennsylvania for the rest of my life too but I seem to keep driving through it.

(explanation: I swore never to see Erie again after driving through snow storms every winter taking the girls to hockey tournaments. Heading south from Rochester it's better to go to Erie 1st and then go south to avoid DC, so I keep returning to that horrid little town it seems)

So here we go. Two weeks left in paradise and we still have a ton of work to do. We are still on a mooring and heading for a slip this Monday for the final week. Once we are hauled we will finalize a few things like a freshwater flush of the engine and the cleaning of the anchor chain. We will toss a few tarps on her and fly away.

We are sad to leave our home on the hard and racking up the yard dollars but we are pretty happy to be seeing family again after a year away. It's all good.

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