Friday, August 5, 2016

I miss food.

Yesterday I hit up the local grocery store looking for Murphy's Oil soap. Did not find it but I did find some fresh corn! Yes! I was pretty excited. We cooked it up and..blech! Awful. This corn is a very long way from Nebraska. Was it grown in a lab on the space station?

Adding corn to the list of food and drink I must have when back in the States.

Grilled fresh corn
Greek salad
Thai food
NY everything bagel with olive pimento cream cheese
Real pizza
Rohrbachs Scotch Ale
Actual fresh produce
Guinness on tap
Any beer on tap that isn't yellow
A veggie dog at Dogtown (Schnauzer, loaded)
Wegmans grated Parmesan reggiano
Lasagna (The noodles are pkgd in boxes. Boxes here have weevils. Weevils bad)
Good Mexican food.
I am sure there is more but this post is making me hungry. I should wait to buy new clothes until just before we are ready to fly back to Trini because I might be a little fatter then when I arrived.


I still have a post ready to go about our food stores as we travelled down the thorny path. This post was just a re-post from my personal FB page.
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  1. Agreed!!!!!

    One of the first things we did when arriving in Tampa Bay where we are spending hurricane season was Chinese food, Guinness on tap and Mexican food.

    We joked about opening a taco stand in the Bahamas. We think it would be a good money maker.

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

  2. But how about that Trini watermelon! Yummy!!