Saturday, February 11, 2017

Good morning

The sun started it's quick rise here in Trinidad and then a light shower rolled through. We did the rain dance and scrambled to close everything and a minute later it stopped. Typical, but we are used to it.

With the last trickle of showers I stepped out on the deck to open the propane tank. I noticed several bees flattened by the rain. Overhead the morning birds that wake us up every day were all chirping and flying around. The bees will recover and fly away. The birds will find a place to hide from the Sun. We will look at our list and find something to work on before we have to hide from the Sun as well.

The air smells of fresh rain and the Sun is reflecting off the pooled water on the solar panels. The tea is ready. Thoughts of what is left to do run through my head. The project list is small and the excitement of getting underway is tickling my nerves. I always forget something no matter how hard I try. I wonder what it will be. I wonder which stall is low on toilet paper.


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  1. Isn't that always the way with trips? In your case, however, it is not as easy as pulling over somewhere at a 7-11 to pick up some forgotten essentials!

    Hope your day is fruitful!

    - Lisa