Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Update. Rochester NY

We have a few weeks left in our furnished apartment in Rochester. We made a good choice as the place is super clean, roomy and has what we need plus it's just 15 minutes from the kids. It's still apartment life and all the odd stuff associated with it.

The sound proofing is amazing really. Hardly hear people except the heavy foot person above us who seems to jog around their apartment every morning before work. One day we heard someone next door in a muffled scream. They screamed the words, "Die you fucking son of a bitch!!" Then more screaming. That person always goes to work in scrubs so assuming a med professional. Either that or an axe murderer selling body parts to the hospital. We assume that the dude is a Gamer and is having difficulty getting to the next level.

Yesterday the cable guy shows up. "High I'm from Spectrum. You have an appointment?" No. "I have you scheduled for today". Nope. What's Spectrum? "Cable. Time Warner." Nope. "I need to see your connection. There's a problem. Only take a minute."

I paused, saw the ID. Looks legit. Kid is not that big. He's not the potential axe murderer from next door. My chefs knife is on the table...OK.

Dude looks at our connections. Says it's illegal. See the office dude. Not my problem. He makes some phone calls and then leaves. Seconds pass and the wifi and cable box shut down. Son of a...
I ran out the door (I left the knife but did give it a glance) and chased him down. Gone. Bastard. I call the office. Hey WTF!

Next I see the cable guy knocking on the security door. I asked why the fuck he shut it all down. "All a mistake. They called me and said they shut it down and I was like, why? so I hurried back." he said. He then spent the next half hour installing a "box" to make the system legal and give us the wifi back. That whole time Debra was trapped in the bathroom as the kid was right outside the door.

Cable guy asks if we rent the place with all the furniture and everything. Then wants to know what we do. When he found out he was in awe. "Damn, I will never get to do that." I told him it's completely possible but you have to work towards it. Staying debt free is number one. After those words he deflated and mentioned his student loans of epic proportion. Oye. Not much I could say after that. Poor bastard cable guy.

We have cable and wifi again and Deb is out of the shower. We turned the TV on maybe twice since we've been here. Nothing to see. It's all shit.

Enjoying the visit and having fun. The Grandkids are amazing and fun to be around and their parents are tolerating us just fine ;D


Our boat babysitter says all is well with KN
Batteries look good :D

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