Sunday, March 25, 2018

Morning Tea, Bequia, St. Vincent

The Morning Tea posts are a rambling dump of my brain thoughts onto this blog. There really is no real reason for it other than clearing my head and making room for something more meaningful to write about. I tend to do this when we're not moving much and spending too much time in one harbour. Some people tend to find a underlying theme in all of it and maybe there is. I really don't know. It truly is random and gets logged over the course of a few mornings when my brain gets hit with it's first shot of caffeine.

Lately my mind has been a blank canvas.

If you stare at a blank canvas long enough you'll start to see things...

I need another hobby.

Is boat repair a hobby?

I look back on all the home improvement money I spent and cringe.

Some days I want a house.

Some days the blank canvas shows me mowing a lawn.

Renting is the way to go.

Why do sailors come into an anchorage at night? Poor planning?

Why do sailors anchor really close at night. Poor night vision?

Sailors get mad when you ask them to move at night. Really mad.

Everyone swears in English.

"Fuck You" is universal.

We're not good at growing things.

I take that back, the kids turned out just fine.

The aloe plant has some issues.

I was told my cruising days are numbered because of grand kids.

All our cruising days are numbered.

I wake up every day and start with the number 1

Someone told me once that every day is a gift. I need the receipts.

There are days I could just swim to shore and hop on a plane back to the States.

I can't afford to live in the States.

I'm a little over 2 yrs away from social security

In 2 yrs time social security will get privatized and reduced and the age moved to 65

The average American male lifespan is only 73

You could be 20 miles offshore in 20 knots of close hauled madness and a fly will land on your sandwich.

If you're introduced to someone and you don't like their face will you remember their name?

Have you ever not liked someone's face?

Some inebriated dude on a bus told us he liked our faces. "You have nice faces. I like your face." Thankful it wasn't "I lick your face"

If I went to all the cruiser parties or jams in the Islands I would be attending a meeting once a week. "Hi. My name is Paul. I'm a cruiser"

Our beer stocks are lasting much longer.

Is the party over?

Going home for hurricane season is a good thing.

Coming back to your home after hurricane season is good too.

Someone define home.

I make a lot of lists now.

I have a good memory but I'm easily distracted.

Are we addicted to Internet?

We pulled into a harbor and it was the first time I could not find a wifi signal. Oh no!

We finally got a SIM card for our phone.

I bought 3 gig. My daughter face timed us.

I need to buy another 3 gig.

I spent a day going through our food supply and listing it all. Then I made a meal plan. Then I made a grocery list.

At the store without the grocery list was painful

I do better at winging it for dinner.

I ate a lobster recently.

I feel shame when I eat seafood

I always thought vegetarianism was more popular than a vegan diet but everyone always asks us if we eat cheese.

Cheese is god. I mean cheese is good.

My blood pressure meds were increased last visit home, I mean the States.

Is cruising killing us?

Cheese is god

I went to a bar. The bartender asked me if I was off the cruise ship. "I've never been so insulted!" We all laughed except for the couple off the cruise ship.

I don't think I resemble a cruiser anymore.

I still refuse to wear crocs.

I need more sun

I've been shaving lately. Beard shaving not manscaping.

The gray beard is bothering me

The blank canvas shows an old man with a gray beard and a beer belly.

I'm still in my 50's

These beer nuts are hot

I know, morning tea and beer nuts? Breakfast has no rules

Will I flip out when I turn 60 or just accept it?

Maybe I'll get  a tattoo

When people with nice boats come visit we clean a lot

After people with nice new boats visit old rustic boats do they go, "Well that was something eh? Are you gonna shower or just change clothes?"

If you spotted a stray beer nut on someone else's cabin sole would you tell them?

Epic Tuna is a different name for a boat.

When I am ashore I usually make up a boat name when calling the mother ship. "Kelly Nicole, Kelly Nicole - Jetpack, Jetpack"

Deb is a little fearful of me calling over the radio.
"Kelly Nicole, Kelly Nicole this is Inflatable Doll, Inflatable Doll"

I miss watching the NCAA basketball tournament

I could not imagine paying for cable TV these days.

People always ask us if we have a TV. We have one somewhere in the V-berth. I think.

We've watched a total of 2 movies on board since we left to cruise. Zero TV.

I have eaten all the olives.

Does salt really increase blood pressure?

I once read that sugar is the root cause of all evil. I believe it

Is it wrong to want to be in bed at 9pm?

I should have slept more as a teen.

Why are all the good basketball match ups on so late?

Why would I watch a sport I was too short to play?

What am I talking about? We have no TV.

I haven't seen a hockey game in a hell of a long time

I always ask Canadians what their fav hockey team is and they get pissed because they don't all watch or follow hockey? WTF!

Is that stereotyping?

I haven't had poutine in a hell of a long time. It's food, look it up.

I can't believe I look like a dude off a cruise ship

Three cruise ships came in. We're not leaving the boat.

I love to see the cruise ship people on land.

Should white guys wear Bob Marley shirts?

Asking any local for weed makes them laugh out loud

I ate something bad yesterday and it wasn't an animal. I was up all night with stomach issues.

Deb ate the same things I did.

I'm like the canary in a coal mine. She's worried.

So far the morning tea is just affecting the brain not the stomach.

Friends hugged me goodbye and they broke my old sunglasses.

Bro hugs are costly

I'm going to buy cheap sunglasses for the shore

ZZ Top

Is it stupid to have the Spot Messenger device broadcast our every anchor drop?

I sometimes worry someone may want to stalk and kill me for my blog posts.

Guessing they'll be French and arrive in a Catamaran and anchor too close.

I need a Bequia sticker for my guitar case

The music jams in Grenada are too professional

I'm building a playlist

Singing and playing is not easy yet

Do you feel bad passing by all the craft tables filled with touristy trinkets in town?

All people need to make a living, somehow, some way.

When the boat boys find out you're a vegetarian they pass right on by.

Cheese! Bring cheese!

One guy held up lobsters. Sorry. Vegetarians. "Vegetarians! Good Mon. That is good. God Bless. This is a good thing for you but not for me! Hahaha"

Some guy just announced in Bequia that he has a brand new alternator for sale, cheap. Where the fk was this guy last year?

I still can't believe I spent $500.00 on an alternator.

I need a beach.

We anchor next to a beach we never go to.

This will change in the next few days.

I have a shoe problem

My Keen sandals blew out and my flip flops have holes.

I bought some new sandals in Carriacou and I think they're ladies sandals. Deb disagrees but I still think they're too pretty for me.

We visited a Turtle farm. Yes a farm. They raise and release. Apparently poachers steal the eggs and the turtles are becoming scarce.

There was a grill out back.

If I was desperately hungry I would probably find something else besides a turtle egg.
I don't know. Hoping never to be in that situation.

Every time the stock market tanks I'll be thinking of turtle eggs. Cat food is expensive.

Who was the asshole that decided the 401k was a good retirement plan?

Why do we let assholes run our lives?

Every time the stock market tanks I think of turtle eggs and assholes

We have a lot of Eastern Caribbean coins.
We have a lot of Canadian coins.
We have a lot of Euro coins.

You ever wonder what creatures a hundred thousand years in the future will think of our civilization after discovering an old coin?

I'm just assuming our civilization will not be partying in 100,000 yrs

Are the one percenters hoarding wealth because they were told the planet can not support all of us and the party is over?

If you had unlimited wealth and knew the world as you know it was over would you be a doomsday prepper or a eat, drink and be merry tomorrow you die guy?

Elon Musk is a billionaire. He builds spaceships and underground boring machines. Huh.

Is the future always dark when you reach a certain age?

We need more LED lamps

Our solar is keeping up just fine since the rainy season ended.

Our boat could use a wash

A very nice sailboat dropped next to us and they fresh water cleaned and mopped the whole boat surface before checking in.

I had a dead fish laying under the solar panel for days. Our guests tossed it overboard.

The V-berth is still NOT my man cave.

The forward head is a storage locker. God help one of us if we both have stomach issues. Not sure I could clean it out in time.

Some taco shells have gone missing. How is this possible?

The worst is thinking about taco Tuesday all day and then finding no shells.

We use soy bits for taco meat. Sometimes lentils too.

People make the same face over soy bits that we make over animal muscle scraped off the carcass and ground up.

The canvas is blank again. No wait....I see a skinny old guy with pretty sandals selling turtle eggs and begging for money from cruise ship tourists so he can buy taco shells.

I gave to the homeless again. $5 EC. I gave to this guy before. He gathers about $20 EC then pops into a bar for a solo cup of vodka. It's sad to watch.

Do you think sometimes we all have a role to play and this is his life performance? Maybe his interaction with some of us is to see how it may change our performance.

Elon Musk thought maybe we live in a simulation.

Dude put a car in space.

The canvas is blank and fading to black except for a Telsa roadster heading for Mars. It's been fun dumping on you.

Don't Panic.

Definitely girly shoes. I dunked them in salt water and left them in the sun. That might man them up a bit. Maybe. I'm not going to wear them am I? Damn waste of money.


  1. Your sandals are fine. (Shows that you are in touch with your feminine side.)
    Your ramblings are fine. (Shows a healthy mind.)
    You're becoming more Canadian as you travel. (Save those coins.)