Saturday, April 26, 2008


Oh boy what a week we're having. We hit the water today, after a stressful couple of days. We had to get out of the way for some power boats to get launched, and we busted butt all week to be ready by thursday. Thursday came and went, and we were still high and dry. The crew bailed on us, and left us there at the end of the day without a launch. Glad I took a vacation day to help them out. They avoided us like a turd on the lawn. Friday we both took time off work to get her in the water without the mast, then back saturday for a mast raising. Geez that's a big mast. I had to hold one end until we got to the launch, then hold it up on the boat. I heard the knot slip, and the guys and I just froze and looked at the line holding this huge stick in the air. "Paul, get out from under the mast", I was told. No problem there. It held, and all went well. As usual they did a great job, once they got to it. Not sure if your average person can understand the stress of having your future home in the air over your head. It's pretty freaky. We spent some time on the boat getting her rigged, but we were so exhausted that we only got a few things taken care of. She needs a bath, and a wax, and so do I....well maybe I'll skip the wax. I heard that hurts. Note to Gary: "Hope all is well. Don't lift anything over 12 ounces, and careful when you sneeze. Oh, and don't sit there watching soap operas all damn day."

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