Monday, August 25, 2008

Another day in Sackets

Had a good lazy day yesterday, lounging around and helping others dock, and watching others do amazing tricks with their boats. A 44 foot Hunter was about a foot off our stern, with throttle maxed. Startled, I popped out, only to hear him say, "Just getting a look at your stern. Very nice". He proceeded to back his boat into the slip across from us. If it were me, I would have bounced off every boat here, and been dropped by my insurance company. It was hard enough squeezing in this slip... Heard some interesting stories coming from the boat next to us. They traveled the coast, and the islands for over ten years, and were back to hand their boat over to their kids. A nice Endeavour 43. Wow, now that's a big first boat. Their stories got louder with every glass of wine, so off to dinner we went. Good Fellos pizza has to be the best wood fired pizza I have ever had. We get back here every three years or so, and it is still the best. We walked the rain soaked streets, with lighting still flashing overhead on our way to the restaurant. Expecting a low turnout, we were surprised to see people standing in the doorway. We were seated quickly, and were sipping our first 1812 Ale, when the sky let loose. Made it just in time. We stopped at the brew pub for a pint before heading back. The lights were flickering from the storm, as we watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. As we walked down the wet and deserted streets, and passed the old battlefield, we joked about how Kelly would freak out over ghosts from 1812. The only noise was from our footsteps, the thunder in the distance, with lightning still flashing overhead. We heard a low growling noise coming from the old battlefield. Deb just looked at me, and picked up the pace. We got through the gates of the marina, but were looking behind us until we got to the dock. So now we are freaked out by the battlefield. Finally got my motor lift installed, at the last minute of course. Drilled my first hole into the boat. It was a special moment.

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