Sunday, April 19, 2009

PWC brakes

My favorite time on the water, is when there is just enough wind to get you going, and the water is flat, and the only sound you hear is the water rushing past the hull, the birds, maybe some kids splashing in the water nearby. It's nice. It never lasts. Usually, when the water is flat, and the late afternoon sun is getting low, some beer sponge in a crotch rocket (jet ski, pwc) comes out to cool off and race around for about fifteen minutes. Pretty soon, another will join, then another. After a while the nice evening turns into noisy choppy bedlam until the sun goes down. Now everyone is entitled to their way of fun on the water, and I have had some fun on a jet ski, about fifteen minutes worth, but just once, I would like to enjoy a nice quiet afternoon afloat. I only bring this up, because I thought the idea of brakes for PWC's was pretty cool. Might make things a little more safe out there for the sponges :)

1 comment:

  1. Don't you be picking on my jet ski's. We have so much fun buzzing around those slow moving sail boats. See ya!

    Much love from sis Robin