Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boat Blogging

This week went by pretty quickly, as I sit at the nav station typing this out. I've been living on the boat during my temporary layoff week. I managed to get a few projects done, and some general cleaning of the old tub. I'm not the best at remembering all the things I need for a lengthy stay, so sleeping without a pillow, having only two pair of pants, no shaver, toothbrush, and no shampoo is making me look a little homeless, which explains the looks I got in the hardware store. I do have plenty of beer, chips, dogs, t-shirts and underwear. Life is good. We now have a new shower drain pump. The old unit used to wake up the marina. It would growl, and vibrate against the shower wall, and suck the water down in a loud slurping swirl. The new Whale Gulper 220 quietly pumps it out. Not much of a gulper though, as it takes a while. More like a Sipper 110. Things got a little cold in the cabin the other morning, so I fired up the space heater. I heard a sizzling, then a crackling, then the GFI tripped. I installed a new GFI. Another project completed. Our water here at the marina is from a well, I believe, so it gets a little brown from sediment at times. I went out and got a filter to prevent the brown silt from accumulating in my hair after a shower. I got all the fittings, and hose I needed, and got her all hooked up. No filters. They didn't include a filter cartridge in the filter housing! Cheap bastards. Then I see the filters are made in China. They probably use old animal skin, and asbestos to make the filters. Got to remember to keep my mouth shut in the shower. I found the camera! I can't find the cable. My week here is almost over. Last day. We leave for Indiana, to attend a wedding, where we will see Nicole. Yippee! Have not seen my baby in a while. The couple getting married are Nicole's friends from college. We have only seen these folks while tailgating at Purdue games. I feel like I should pop the rear hatch, and drag out a cooler before the wedding. Wouldn't that be classy. I better get the boat cleaned up before I leave. Deb is going to wonder what the heck I was doing out here all week.

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