Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We are floating! About friggin time eh!
So, the marina has this list. You call when your boat is ready, and they assign you a number. When it's your turn, you get launched. Sounds simple enough. So we signed up. Never thought to ask what the number was. I tell my buddy that we have signed up for launch. He also signs up for launch 3 days later. So here we are Memorial day weekend and they tell us we will be in AFTER the weekend. That was a real bummer, but no problem mon, we find something else to do. We stop by the boat last Friday, and find my buddy sitting in his slip all nice and rigged, and getting ready for the weekend. WHAT THE F...!!!

So we decided to head out to Sackett's Harbor and ride the bikes around town, and enjoy the day, and sample some micro brews. Very nice. We had a great time, and we forgot about getting screwed over.
After stewing about it all day today, I had someone check the secret launch book ( I have connections), and it looks like I was number 126, and my buddy was 96. How the f%#$% does this happen?? There appears to be some shenanigans going on with the launch book. Now that I think about it, there appears to be quite the number of yacht club burgees flying in the marina. Hmmm. Maybe the Thurston Howell crowd gets priority.
I'll see to it that we are in before Memorial day Lovey Darling.

Today I call the marina, to ask why they did not respond to my e-mail. I thought I was very polite in that e-mail, just so you know. Maybe a bit sarcastic, and maybe some bitterness, but polite. I ask when we will be launched, and they say we're in the water already. Huh? Well, what do you know, a little whining and magically we are in the water. I'm starting to like this squeaky wheel method. Maybe from now on, I'll just get things done my way, yes sir. Damn straight I will. This is the new Captain Paul. He's a tough little troll, better see it his way.

"only one problem Paul, you see, our yard guy, hurt his back today, so your mast is not in. Hopefully we'll get some good news from our guy tomorrow, and get you all set up. Have a nice day!"


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