Monday, January 9, 2012


I know I shouldn't complain, with so many folks out of work, but a couple 20 hr days, and a Saturday of work and I'm trashed. Big problems in getting emissions systems ready for the Chevy Colorado, because of a Windows 3.1 system failure. Yes, Windows 3.1. Actually it was the hard drive that pretty much died of natural causes, and this prevented a plastic welding machine from running, which in turn shut down the whole process. I had to get in the WayBack machine, to 1994, and try to remember how to get a new hard drive back in the system. Not as easy as it sounds. Everntually we did it, finding all the drivers required, and we did not stop a production line, which was a real crowd pleaser. Why such an old machine? Well, it's kind of an out of site, out of mind kind of thing. The machine just kind of ran without a problem for many years, so it went incognito. When I got to it Thursday morning, I was shocked to see the old Windows 3.1, or DOS. We probably should have been proactive and replaced these units years ago. Even if the managers refused to spend the money, I would still have the "I told you so" e-mail. More importantly, had I been alert to the signs of an aging machine. I would have prevented the long stressful hours under pressure, and the loss of a nice weekend. They are precious you know.

This makes me wonder what I have on the boat that is going to go belly up when I need it the most. I have a feeling my inverter/charger is on the way out, as it was a little uncooperative last summer, and I had to use the backup charger. My Alternator/ regulator is kind of funky, and I keep shredding belts from time to time. Maybe I should give everything a good once over, like engine hoses, wiring, water heater, plumbing, etc. Every year I really give the engine a lot of attention, and other systems a glance. Might be time to take a closer look at everything, and replace some critical items, that at first glance look fine, but are up there in age. My steering system cables come to mind, as well as the standing rigging, which is probably the original. There are a couple of seacocks that are original too. Might be a busy spring.

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