Friday, June 22, 2012

Mystery Killer Algae

You may remember the last few years we've had some killer algae in our water. I say killer because it actually killed a dog that went swimming in it. This year scientists have been monitoring the waters for the Blue-Green Algal bloom. We've been getting weekly reports about it's low toxicity, and that it poses no threat. Comforting to know. Well, a week ago we started to see some of the white streaks in the waters, indicating that it is getting worse, and we expected the report to indicate as much. Weeks have gone by, and still no report. It appears that the lab equipment used to test the samples has some technical issues. Hmmm. So, just before the holiday weekend, at which time Sodus Point can be overwhelmed with tourists, and the waters buzzing with boat traffic, we have a breakdown in testing. I know I may be reading into this too much, but it is concerning.

This week, there was no sign of any algae blooms, and we don't have that smell that accompanies the blue-green stuff. Where did it go? Conditions were ripe for growth, but it's gone!  Me thinks that they may have used some peroxide treatments to kill what was starting, If I fall off the Sunfish and turn into a blonde this weekend we'll know for sure.

Not much going on except the refrigeration project is back on, and the boat is full of spiders and bird shit. We might actually sail this Saturday.
We've been mentioning Florida a lot lately, and there may be a reason for this. We'll see come September.

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