Thursday, July 12, 2012


I think I need a vacation. I need to go cruising, if only for a few weeks. This is the first year since I was in my 30's that I did not take at least one week off in July. I don't like it. Manufacturing Engineering in an auto plant is a constant buzz of machinery and people. Loud, smelly, dirty, dangerous, and I'm talking about both. There is a constant demand for my attention, and a constant need for my problem solving. Combine this with micro managers running around with their due dates, and it can get to you. It sometimes becomes white noise, and you don't notice it much, but for me it can build to the point where you have to get away. This year I didn't, and now I'm in the funk, the humdrum, the blah's. I get numb. My energy level starts to drop, and I seem not to care very much about dates, machine problems, projects, and people. The people have already noticed, and started asking me what's up. The machines, they don't care.

The sad thing about the funk, is it affects not only work but your attitude after work. In past years I would be cleaning the boat every week, ridding her of spiders and bird droppings. I like a shiny happy boat. I took a good look at her this morning, and she looks downright filthy. Spider poop and webs abound. The routine we find ourselves in, is work by 6 am, home by 4:30-5. Cook and eat dinner, then one hour of chores, and bed. Lately, the one hour of chores ends up being time wasted on the computer, browsing around the web, facebook, emails. Deb will get immersed in a game on her iPad, gone for the evening. I will be reading news, and other trivial blurbs of people and things that don't really matter. I am also lost for a while. I know it's a break from our day, a way for your mind to focus on something mundane, it's fun, and that's OK, but maybe we shouldn't do it every day. 



  1. We are experiencing similar symptoms here on the Chesapeake though we are attributing them more to the 383 days to go than anything. Sailing has been limited by the number of items on the To-Do list before departure. Auto-pilot commissioning this weekend and then by end of August have to get the leaky fuel tank out of the starboard settee (converted water → fuel). The list and schedule continues right through the winter. I guess we are ignoring our “present” and focusing on the ever nearer future. Bottom line, get going on that boat, we are looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Wow, I know what you feel like. I usually take all my vacation in September, and man...sometimes right around this time of year I feel like I'm losing my mind. I love your boat!

    1. Johnny, if ever in the Rochester area, stop by and go sailing. Love your book.

      Laughed my ass off. Thanks for the compliment on Das Boat. She's a lot of work, but she sails well, and she can take us out of this cold grey town.

  3. Oh, I totally get it! By now I should have my yearly cruise planned out. Alas, we aren't even sure we'll get one this year. It's driving me a little batty and deeper into a funk. There is no funk like a sailor's funk. Got to get out on the boat today and lift my spirits.