Thursday, April 4, 2013

I feel so connected to you

Since I arrived in Florida, my electronic world has been available through the use of the marina WiFi. We did not have a WiFi antenna, and would try to connect by moving the laptop or iPad around the boat to get a strong signal. It was comical sometimes, as Deb would be in the aft cabin in the corner, and I would have the laptop perched on the cabin top, or balanced on the companionway to get a strong signal. Very frustrating.
Recently, after much procrastination research I settled on a system from IslandTime PC. I received the package in four days, and it took about four hours to install. Another three hours were required to clean up the mess I made. I don't want to get into all the little details of the install, but I tell you it was pretty simple. The hardest part was running the cable through the boat, but even that went relatively better than I expected. The cable even fit the clamshell with the solar and GPS cables! I got lucky there. I also got lucky in finding a good 12 volt source nearby, so all in all it was a sweet project. Connecting was a snap, and the documentation was excellent.

I got a little cheap with the mount. 
I will go back and clip that tie wrap. I know that bothers some people.
No more roaming the boat for a good signal. When I looked at the available stations within range, the list was at least 70 stations or more. The laptop by itself can only see three. The system really does a nice job of pulling in signals from miles away. The only downside I see, is having our faces planted in front of a screen a little more often, when they should be outside in the Sun and Sea air. I am trying to avoid the electronic life as much as possible, but I have to do my morning blogroll, email and news, and possibly a blog update if I have anything to say. I feel we are too connected at times, but as long as we're stuck in a marina for this season I figure why not enjoy it from time to time. As long as we do not get addicted to the online life, I do not see the harm in having some high speed and reliable connectivity.

So, let's see what's hot on YouTube today...
Ellen announces 'Finding Dory'. So who cares. Kung Foo grandpa in Food Lion parking lot. Meh. Drive thru headless prank. Drive thru pranks are getting old. What if the Sun disappeared? Really? You need a video for that? You get cold and then you die. Is the NBA rigged? Aren't all sports rigged? Golf Cart hovercraft. Now we're talking. This thing is awesome!



  1. I'll have to check into that one. Right now we have an Alfa but it doesn't really go too far. I had pretty much decided on the Wirie but the technology is changing so fast that I'll probably change my mind a hundred times before we go. I've been following Panbo the Marine Electronics blog. He keeps me up to date on the latest electronic gadgetry for the boat.

    We mostly use the internet for research and blogging so I doubt much will change when we're on the boat full time. We're not big fans of YouTube but we do have a current addiction to the re-runs of West Wing on Netflix...

    S/V Kintala

    1. Deb, I chose the IslandTime setup based on a review on Panbo. Looks like they are all pretty easy to install.

  2. Paul and Deb...welcome to Florida. Appologies for not posting sooner. Hope you've been enjoying the weather, cause it's about to start warming up. I have business occasionally in JAX and we also have a son about to start dive school there. We'll look you up next time we're up there.
    Btw...we finally took the plung...kinda. We close this week on an Albin 43 Sundeck.

    Ron Mariano
    M/V Island Eyes

  3. Hey Ron! Good to hear from you. Congrats on the new Albin! Wow, She's nice. Where are you keeping her?
    Stop in any time you are around Jax. Just remember we will not have air conditioning :) The folks up north are betting on when we'll break down and add AC to the boat. You may want to get in on that.