Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thirsty Thursdays

Usually every Thursday Debra and I seek out a place to have dinner and a few good brews. We picked Thursdays to do this because back in Sodus Point NY there is a bar called Captain Jack's, which had specials on this night. Two dollar Molson drafts and half off all appetizers is too good a deal to pass up, so we started enjoying some good times on Thursday nights.

Wasn't long before our friends Kate and Frank joined us regularly, also our friends Marty and Sandi showing up when they could, and then the rest of the sailors started popping in as well. As more people took advantage of these specials, the nights would get a little longer and louder until eventually we were pretty much guaranteed to have a headache Friday morning. As a working person back then I would dread going into work Friday mornings with a head filled with angry bees, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Why ruin a perfectly good Saturday with a hangover when you can ruin a Friday, and get paid no less! Genius! This routine of hanging out at Jack's on Thursday nights went on for a few years and is now known as Thirsty Thursdays. After a while the two best bartenders in the world would see us and start pouring before we sat down. We still refer to Deb as 'Buttercup' after one bartender very discretely slipped another beer around a pillar in front of Deb before she finished the one she had. All we saw was a hand with a beer and the words, "Drink up buttercup!"  I can't remember what I was called. Kate told me it was shithead, but that can't be right.

Frank having a laugh, probably at my expense.
Funny, this is the only pic I have of us at Jacks. Might be a good thing.
There is this really old pic from Kingston.
You can see how happy we were that the wives showed up

We still try to get out each Thursday, and we kind of make a joke about it on Facebook for our friends. It doesn't take many beers these days to put us in a good mood, as our days of consuming mass quantities are well behind us, but we do have a good time when out. Sometimes we pick a really bad place to eat and drink, and it becomes a joke of sorts. Like the place that served my drink with lipstick on the glass. The waitress disappeared with the disgusting glass for about fifteen minutes, then returned with a slightly better glass with my old drink poured in it! Cross that place off the list. I get an upset stomach just walking by.

We do have our favorite places to visit, but are always looking for new spots. It might be time to relocate and discover some new joints, as people are starting to recognize us every week.

Last Thursday we returned to a favorite spot, and the hostess sat us in the corner at a triangular table up high on a raised floor. What the hell! We laughed and sat down, not really caring. After eating my burnt pizza, and a few beers we were approached by a guy with a guitar. "You guys are eating on the stage." What? "Yea, like, we are supposed to be playing but we can't cause like you are eating on our stage". The rest of the band showed up and I ordered another round. I asked the waitress about it, and she said "screw them, enjoy your evening". So after another half hour the one guy told me that people are asking why there isn't any music and I told them it's because of you guys. I said we'd sing back up, but he wasn't laughing. Eventually we left, and I think there were a few applause for the old couple that finally stopped drinking.

My two best default beers. These old taps were behind us at the last place.
You know you've had enough when you start singing the Canadian National Anthem.
Yes, we know all the words. 

We're still hanging in there. No sweet tea for us thanks.

I was a boot to get really happy  

When we're cruising it might be tough to tell what day it is, so we may miss a few Thirsty Thursdays. However, Debra and I are making it a point to have a beer in each port we land in. There was a cruising couple that did this many many years ago, as we read in their blog at the time, and we felt it was a great idea. Drop anchor, and head into town for a cold one. What a great way to start exploring a new place :)

Happy Thirsty Thursday!



  1. Beer = yay! Rum = better yet! Sweet tea = repulsive even with booze in it!

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

  2. A beer at every port ... sounds like a great idea that we may also have to implement!