Friday, September 27, 2013

Macerate it!

I finally installed the macerator for the aft head. Running the wire was not as bad as I thought it would be and I had all the "hose from hell' run already. So all in all not a bad little project for the win column.

When I was finished, and getting hungry, I started thinking about what kind of pizza to make or dinner. I had a pie over at Mellow Mushroom that had a pesto drizzle on it and that sounded really good. Looking at all that new plumbing, I had an idea. I thought, as long as all the plumbing was clean and unused I could make use of this "blender" before it becomes all crapped up. I had some spinach and basil I didn't want to waste, so I decided to make that pesto that sounded so good to drizzle on the pizza. I hate dragging out the food processor from the bottom of the cabinet, and I have been wanting to see how this macerator worked.

I loaded up the bowl with the spinach, basil, some pine nuts and olive oil.

A touch of the switch and the macerator came on with a roar!

The ingredients were sucked down and at the discharge pipe came the perfect addition to last nights pizza!

Presto! It's Pesto!

So, the macerator works pretty good. It was nice to be able to test it before the real thing is applied, and I also got some good tasting Pesto! Deb will be impressed. She thought the pizza was pretty good.  ;)



  1. Omg! No words! Seriously, no words.


  2. Total joke everyone. We do not make pesto from waste hoses. Hahaha. I'm still laughing but geez I never imagined the emails I would get on this one. The last time I did a similar post I got the same response. At least I know people are out there reading. Sorry about the gross out :)

  3. On the other hand... Everything on the boat should have more than one purpose right? I'm thinking a Y valve and some food grade tubing and ....

  4. That's very funny.

    Perhaps useful in the future (if you have a chef job)?