Thursday, January 23, 2014

We're Back!

What the hell, we leave NY for freezing Florida? This weather is screwy but we are getting what we deserve I guess. Deb and I left single digit temps up north but we were in central heated homes. This little space heater is not keeping up with the thirty degree temps and my cold toes are signaling it's time to go south. Which we will. Soon.

So, we went north to welcome the latest family member, Mason.

Kelly and Mason. Mommy and Son
Mommy, Baby and Dad are doing fine and are home getting to know each other. Hopefully they are getting some sleep in between diaper explosions. We got out of there without changing a single diaper and I managed to not get pooped on. Deb worked while up there and I helped out around the apartment for Kelly. Mostly I just held Mason while Kell got to a few chores. What looked like a quick exit out of the hospital for the little guy ended up being an extended stay in intensive care. Mighty Mason fully recovered and to everyone's relief is responding well and is a normal healthy boy on his way to a wonderful life of regular sailing adventures with Grandma and Grandpa. Yea I know. We won't get him onboard until he is a pain in the ass teen that his parents need a break from :)  Until then we will have to make a few trips north to see our little guy.

Proud Poppa


Amazing how quick it all comes back to you.
Seems like yesterday I held the girls in my arms.
Take me sailing Grandpa! This was taken right
after he tied a perfect bowline.
When we started up north we were cruising just fine until we hit Pennsylvania. Just north of Williamsport we hit the "polar vortex". We were down to one lane and behind an extreme line of cars in the only plowed lane, doing about 20 mph. The line was so long I could not see the head vehicle. A few cars popped out into the snow lane to pass but ended up popping back in, usually in front of me. After about a half hour of this and several impatient semi's passing us at 70 mph I thought I would give it a whirl. Hell I've been driving in this shit all my life so let's go for it. The wide eyes to my right were funny as we left a rooster tail of snow in the left lane, passing everyone. We got to the head of the line to see a Dodge Ram truck with those double wheels in the back going slow as can be and enjoying his wonderful day. Son of a... We passed the clown and got in front, doing 60 mph all the way home. We wondered if all those losers were still out there behind old MacDonald.

Not sure why everyone is so worked up these days about the weather. Polar Vortex? Geez. We used to play ice hockey outside in worse than this and drive all over the place in rear wheel drive cars. We're turning into a bunch of pansies.

This was a storm. Blizzard of '77 Buffalo NY. Polar Vortex my ass.

The army dropped on of these babies in our neighborhood
by helicopter. It found a car under the snow. 

Debra and I are relaxing a little. Deb has a cold and I'm just sleepy. We had a few stress filled weeks of waiting and worrying so now we need to recover a bit. This week we are getting ready to be underway again. Deb is retiring in about ten days and we will prep the boat for some CRUISING!!! Yep, Deb is RETIRING!

It's time to go.



  1. Congratulations on baby Mason and congratulations on the retirement Deb (finally here). I still remember you counting the days at work. Glad to see you guys are doing well.
    Talk to you later - Ray Garcia

    1. Thanks Ray! How are you man? Yes, Deb's days of counting down are almost over. Hope she handles seeing me all damn day. I guess the summer of Paul is coming to a close. She already has a list. Help me.

    2. Things are great. My wife and I are about to have our second child (another boy). So just preparing for him these days.

      You had a great run my friend and I enjoyed reading about it. In regards to the list which I am sure you already know, but seeing it has been awhile I will refresh your memory. As long as you can do it while drinking a beer the things on the list aren't that bad (my wife hands me a 12 pk with the list). Oh and I will gladly help if it gets me out of all this snow (I will even bring the beer). Talk to you later and please congratulate Deb on her retirement. - Ray

  2. Congrats to you all. Now you have an anchor but were smart enough to change your home base prior to the little guy coming. Soon, we will be holding a grandchild race (sunfish) on the big lake.

    1. A grandchild race would be cool. Make sure your kid has a camera to take a photo of my kids stern :) Hahaha

      Thank you. It was pretty cool spending time with the little guy. It was also tough leaving. We're going to be the boat hippies that show up twice a year with gifts made of shells or whatever else we can find on the beach. Poor kid.

  3. Oh and back to your November 4th posting. I told Barb, NEVER take a picture of the back of someone's boat because it might give them the idea that they were ahead of us. You know this pic was taken as we were about to pass you. :}}.. NOT!

    1. Hahaha. It was always fun out there with you guys. We miss those great sailing days on the Lake. All three of them.

      Hope all is well with you and Barb. Next time we are up maybe we will have some time to have a beer together, or you can take us out sailing ;)