Friday, February 28, 2014

Where are the new water tanks?!

Does New Jersey hate me? Everytime I deal with someone there I get heartburn. We ordered our tanks weeks ago, yet here we sit with a big hole under the v-berth. Every time I email the guy he says tomorrow. A phone call is probably in order. Better take my blood pressure meds.

On a more positive note, the plumbing is just two fittings away from being complete on our new watermaker. The electric looks easy peasy so I imagine that will be finalized today or early tomorrow.
I guess these pumps run hot so I gave them some air space.

I kind of like quick connect tubing.

Just got another email from Jersey boy saying the tanks will ship today. OK pal. They finally nailed us for the money so I guess they are on their way. Either that or the Russian couple performing the scam just upgraded their hotel room and got a new set of cell phones.

Damn cold here in this part of Florida. We have to escape soon before our Chinese space heater reaches it's designed life expectancy. 



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  2. Yeah. "Easy Peasy". Maybe for you electrical nuts, but please have pity on the rest of us...

    Dude you need to get out here!!!

    S/V Kintala

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