Monday, August 4, 2014

Good Morning Virginia

So, here we are in Virginia thinking we went too far north. Our Grandson came a month early and luckily we were still in Great Bridge planning our next move. Had we ventured into the Bay we would have really been panicked trying to find a place to dock for a week and pick up a rental car. Things worked out as you know, but maybe we should have stayed in Brunswick GA for the summer, only an hour away from our daughter. Our intention for coming this far north was to avoid hurricanes and be in a position of easy road travel to visit friends and family. We also wanted to sail around the Bay and visit some nice anchorages. We still have time to do just that.
The summer isn't over and when we get back from NY we fully intend to do some sailing around that crab pot filled body of water and drop the hook in some quiet spots. So far the weather has been ugly but we have been on the road for most of it. We have one more major project to do before we start south again in the fall, but we want to be working on this while we are moving. We have to keep moving to stay sane. At least people here don't have my bathroom schedule down yet. I don't think they do.

Now that I have some caffeine in me I'll do a little brain dump.

Morning Tea Thoughts

  • I would like to slap the stupid out of the kid that made my battery cables. Nice work, but they are routed over the caps.
  • The solar install went well despite my condition of cold and fever. I expected to look at it later with my WTF scowl in place but all looks good.
  • We can't live among pine trees anymore. 
  • Deb is back on allergy meds and I have my NY nasal voice back.
  • The Hampton Roads area is not safe for pedestrians.
  • If you ride a bike around this area motorists will hunt you down.
  • Black backpacks are not allowed in the local hardware store. 
  • People in the local hardware store are idiots.
  • Sweat stained backpack carrying old guys wearing faded shorts needing a shave are followed around the local Rite Aid by an Orville Redenbacher looking asshole manager.
  • Cruisers can be strange.
  • One boat couple here pushed a grocery cart from Farm Fresh to the marina and then left it here. Pleasant folks to talk to, though I really really wanted to ask them if they were taking the cart back to the grocery store. I kept looking at them, and then the cart. 
  • This is an affordable marina unless you want some work done.
  • Amazing how many boats pile up right next to the bridge before it opens. Why?
  • Our boat is a disorganized mess.
  • I make most of the mess on the boat.
  • When we pull into a marina I just want to dock and get it over with. I should really go to pumpout and re-fuel first. 
  • We need to pumpout and refuel today.
  • I need to re-bed more ports.
  • The boat really feels like home even though it leaks.
  • I can't sleep in or live in Air Conditioning. I feel trapped.
  • Need to drink more water.
  • Rental car pricing is a roll of the dice. I truly believe they pull the price right out of their ass when you walk through the door. Don't show up sweat stained with a black backpack.


Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat.
Audre Lorde


  1. Singing the 'middle aged guy with backpack' blues. Mike gets almost insane with anger about that. He walks to town with his backpack every day. Has done so for 10 years. The local grocery store now wants him to put his backpack at the counter when he walks in. Um NO! No way. But they allow me to come in with my huge purse, making the reasoning even more ridiculous. Logic falls on deaf ears, or maybe ignorant ears, who knows? Looks like the east coast is no better. Get in that boat and sail away! What are a few leaks compared to traffic and idiocy?

  2. Hahaha, yes it's the backpack blues. They were eyeing my metal water canister as well. Have we become that paranoid to think that Grandpa Pauly might toast a hardware store? It would be a West marine of course. Kidding NSA!

    This will be the last time we venture this far north for a while and yes we will escape soon! I quiet anchorage is calling us.

    Galapagos is looking great by the way. Looks like a lot of fun in your future.

  3. Fantastic pic..Oh and thank you for the air conditioning comment. Finally someone who understands.

    S/V Kintala