Monday, September 8, 2014


The plan, if there really ever was one has changed. We are starting to feel a bit chilled and the future forecast of lows in the mid 50's has us looking south again. As most of you know we have sworn off the cold. To us 50's is too cold. We are now "planning" a move south while keeping a watchful eye on the coast of Africa. 

As of today we are unsure of heading to the choptank river. Sleeping under a blanket and wearing socks in the morning is not too appealing. As our daughter Nicole used to say, "your feet will get claustrophobic!" 

We are still anchored in St. Leonard creek and survived a weekend of a speedboat rally and party up creek. One smartass buzzed our bow way too close. Beer, babes and horsepower bring out the stupid. We had a clown in an old jetski pass along the starboard side yelling "Hellooooo!" As his face passed by the ports. That was funny. Evening thunder and lightning put on quite a show and dampened the enthusiasm of the go fast crowd. We listened to tunes as we ate dinner while discussing the recent anchoring rights battle going on in Florida. Let's hope things swing our way and we are allowed to anchor without unreasonable restrictions. Appropriately Neil Young was heard singing, "sing a song for freedom" in the background.  One of my favorite lines from the meeting was, "Complaining about boats anchored off your waterfront property is like complaining about your house on a golf course having golf balls in your yard!" It's been rumored that a wealthy minority is pushing the FWC to rule in their favor. Not really a surprise is it? With money comes perceived power when it's really just plain old fashioned bribery. 

Without a wifi signal to tap into, updates are going to be short and sweet. We are surrounded by beautiful homes on a ridge overlooking the anchorage but damn it don't they all have protection on their wifi. One signal is super strong and I think it's the multi million dollar mansion next to us. I have been trying to guess his pass phrase to no avail. 


I guess I'll just have to use 4G for now. 

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