Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Damn you Blogger!

Emailing a post to blogger can be an adventure. I love how it choses to seperate paragraphs.

Sorry for the poor editing folks. It really can't be helped. I format everything like I want to see it and then blogger boogers it all up. Posting this way sucks. I am usually good for about 100 grammatical errors per post but I weed out most of them. The few I don't see are usually the ones that completely change the meaning of what I was writing. Like in the last post I where I wrote, "Those are Dolphins!" was supposed to be "Those are not Dolphins!"

I doesn't help that I have a keyboard and screen sized for a three foot sized human either. Oh well. At least I'm posting something.

One place I'm not posting to is the S/V Kelly Nicole Facebook page. I can't email a post because FB took away the email posting feature for personal blogs. So it looks like that page will not see any action until we get wifi. Not only do they rip us off for gasoline and water down here but now they are doing it with WiFi as well. Want to see the pictures of your Grandkids, old Mr. Gray hair? Give me twenty dollars Mon and I will get you twenty four hours of spotty service. We have not paid for it yet. It's like sex, you shouldn't have to pay unless you get really really desperate, and then there's no guarantee you will not get a virus.

We are currently deciding if we are going to get the snot pounded out of us to go 20 miles upwind, or sit nice and comfortable for $30/day.


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