Monday, August 10, 2015


Most of you have noticed by now that my blog posts are random, and do not necessarily follow our cruising timeline. This can confuse people. Even smart people, which make up most, no wait, ALL of my readers. Yes, I'm flattering you. I know some of you are slow but it's all relative now isn't it? You just need to be with the right crowd. Move to Georgia.

I have never really followed a timeline and if I did it was purely accidental. If I come across something interesting or funny while we travel I will write it down on paper and post it later if I remember. Sometimes a port leak will ruin a perfectly good story and you will miss out. Sorry. I'm working on those leaks. Deb said if I used a regular ball point pen to write with I would not have a streaked unreadable post because the ink wouldn't run like a river down the page. Sorry but I love me Gel pens. Smooth they are. I write like a spaz and I need not be hindered by the Biro Brothers invention from the thirties. Does it make you sad knowing there are lost posts due to a leaky port or hatch? I thought so.

Now, if you are indeed curious at all about where we have been and if we ever take photos there, then you need to visit my mate Debra's blog. If you look at the tiny lettering I have in the top right corner of my blog, yes there. Look closely and there is a link to Debra's blog. It's my unselfish way of promoting my wife's creative writing abilities over my own.

Boat Hippies is the travelogue of our cruising adventures and Debra is now writing about the Bahamas and catching up fast. It's detailed, has photos and probably some witty criticism of her adoring husband. I say probably because I have not read the whole thing yet. This gives you a chance to get to any juicy parts before I can comment on or delete them. OK, maybe plead to have them removed, or threaten to post something hideously embarrassing about Deb. No that would never  happen. Women always win. Damn it.

So, check out Boat Hippies if you want proof that I didn't make this whole 'sailing away' thing up while sitting in front of a computer somewhere in upstate NY pretending to be a cruiser, my face smeared with potato chip grease and my apartment filled with cats walking through old pizza boxes.

Cheerz peoples,


  1. Oh excellent! Mike and I try to share our blog, but I am dead resentful when he usurps a post by writing it first. Sometimes I will wait for him to write something, but he just doesn't really have the time what with his day job and all. So I go ahead and do it. When he retires, we may have to arm wrestle over who gets to post. Naw. It will be me.

  2. I really wish you would go back to the Bahamas so we can get the Morning Tea posts again...

    SV Kintala