Sunday, December 6, 2015


I forgive Iridium for not having a user friendly app and poor customer service because we were able to phone our daughter on her birthday and then receive photos of our grandson through email. I think we surprised Kelly. She probably thought something was wrong if her cheap parents were using the sat phone. It was nice to wish her happy birthday by voice instead of a text. Chris Parker weather reports and Grib files also come to us via email.

So Iridium, you have a long way to go before your GO! is suitable for the average sailor but we forgive you for your clumsiness because it works and if we can get cute pictures of our grandsons every week without an internet connection then we are happy campers.

We are sitting in Marsh Harbor riding out the big winds at anchor. Holding is excellent and the waves are nothing to speak of. Doing well. I'm working on a post about the horrible crossing. I would have had it out by now but we were too busy drying the boat out.


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