Thursday, February 25, 2016

Everything is Bueno

There is plenty of book reading and guitar picking going on these days as we wait for the elusive weather windows to open up. No one said this was a quick route to the Caribe and we anticipated some delays but what the hell Mother Nature?! Not saying we aren't entertained. We have company. SV Odin, our bar pals are also along for the Mother Nature Goes Schizo Tour. I feel for the Odin crew when we get the check at a restaurant or bar. I must be a bad (under the) influence. Good times.

So, what the hell are we doing? Waiting. Hanging out. The town, Cockburn Harbour has some very nice friendly and helpful people. The other day when Craig and I were walking to Customs (trying to find it) we had a lovely couple pull over and give us a ride. Pretty awesome of them as it kept us from getting close to the wild horses which don't seem to like me. Horses run wild and free in this town and they are kind of scary. I never got along with horses. When we left the Customs office we passed a group of ponies just hanging out on the corner. They got quiet as we got closer and they were eyeballing us. Kind of like a street gang just hangin loose and shooting the shit on the corner watching people go by. One horse was like, "What the fuck you looking at pal?" I turned away quickly but a moment later the horse leader was following us. Then the others took up behind him. "I'm talkin to you shorty! You got a problem?" We started walking quicker but they were closing. What the
"I don't like the look you were giving me asshole so what's your problem huh? Maybe I should like stomp it out of youz. Like a cock a la roche." Then all the other horses started laughing. We got a block away and they backed off. Craig was like, You staring at them? Well yes I was staring. They all looked so sad. I mean, why the long face?
Bad part of town I guess.

Looks like a crossing of the windward passage tomorrow morning. Crack of dawn. I wonder if Tony Orlando ever got up at the crack of Dawn? Sorry. That was uncalled for. You shouldn't read this blog it's getting filthy. We planned on leaving yesterday but the wind has been cranking lately. From the wrong direction too, but that seems to always happen. Can't wait to leave this section behind and start on the Hispaniola Tour. We were planning a while back to spend almost a month exploring the DR but now we are thinking we will just keep hopping. The goal is to get to Trini by June 1 and we are just going to keep on rolling. Hopefuly faster than we have been but I must say it has been fun. No worries taking it slow and easy. We get enough excitement living and travelling this way without knowingly heading into a bad situation. We are saving certain places for the ride back north. DR, the south side is one of those areas. Cat Island is another. Figuring the ride north will start i
n about
5 yrs. Puerto Rico might be a state by then and the DR will replace Florida in the number of US retirees. We will also have a flying car according to Popular Mechanics magazine. Seems that stupid rag publishes a flying car on their cover at least once a year. "Flying car a reality!" My ass. Anyone still get that stupid magazine? I miss Live On a Sailboat Like a Dirty Hippie magazine. It really changed our lives.

We plan on popping into a marina in PR to set a spell. That means we are going to take a break and chill, do some provisioning and boat work. Possibly a beer or two. I'm hoping we find some good NY style pizza. Been a while. I'm also running out of pants.

Wish us luck tomorrow. Looks to be a motor sail. We either get too much or nothing. My feeling was that we should leave this afternoon while there was still wind but it died a few hrs later and the waves are still up from the blow. Nothing worse than big waves and no wind. Lot's of banging and clanging to assault your ears and eat your brain. So we motor sail in light air. Oh well. Beats a sleigh ride through hell.

So anyway, here we are about to hit up another country only this time we do not speak the language. What could possibly go wrong?


Again, I apollochives about the spelling. Spellcheck is not something the Iridium company programmers have stumbled over yet.

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  1. Running out of pants????? You don't need "pants" down here. Only shorts. Well, you will need one pair of pants and close toe shoes (Keens work) for your cooking gas run here in Trini but that is it for long "pants" Unless we don't know it and you two are into the yacht club scene. Then you will probably need long pants, a blue sports coat and a weird accent that is neither American or English but somewhere in between. Oh we you mean "pants" like as in the kind Sponge Bob wears? OHhhh. Never mind.

    1. Yes, Sponge Bob pants. I'm running out. I keep ruining pants, not in a way you are thinking. I bought some shorts in the DR. They like tight fitting clothes there apparently. Not feeling very comfortable in these shorts. By the way when I say pants I mean shorts. Oh, I was a yacht club member once. I even practiced the club accent. Didn't work out.

  2. Well,hope you're in PR by now and all went well! We feel your pain in waiting .. imagine waiting in a boatyard! Looking forward to hearing about PR. We didn't visit the Southern part of Dominican Republic, but we saw the Northern part including Luperon .. loved it!