Saturday, February 20, 2016

In the shit again

I'm in the shit again. No, not from my foul mouth on this blog but I was literally in the shit recently. Our brand new as of last August waste pump we ordered from Whale Pumps decided it didn't give a shit about pumping shit. So I took it apart. It was gross. OK, I will spare you the ugly details so basically this pump failed because the manufacturer assembled it wrong.

There are four valves inside this pump and they should all be facing the same direction according to the pump manual. Three of the four valves were facing the wrong way. Why this pump worked at all is beyond me.

The three joker valves were turned inside out and deformed from being pulled in the wrong direction. I have no spares so I put them back the way they are supposed to be and the pump ran for a few minutes and then didn't give a shit anymore. Just shoot me. It's enough to want to send it back as is.

Here you go Whale Pumps. I know you don't give a shit about quality but here's my old failed pump. Apparently I still give a shit and I just gave it to you. Bastards.

I realize this is harsh but all the folks who have ever taken apart a shit pump totally understand where I' coming from.


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  1. I started to read this but then got called away to help unplug our galley sink. Cruising is SO glamorous.