Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Paranoia Creates Air Flow.

There is a benefit to having to lock up your companionway every night besides not waking up to someone punching you in the face for your iPhone.

Air flow.

But how can there be air flow if you are locking up that big opening to your salon?

When we were happy carefree sailors we would go to bed with the companionway wide open and a screen across it. Sometimes I would fall asleep in the cockpit. It was peaceful. Because we had the screen over the opening we would zipper up the dodger so that if it rained it did not do so all over the cabin sole.

Now that we have to lock up there is no place for the rain to enter and we can leave the dodger window open. This allows air to flow through the cockpit and down the aft cabin hatch creating a nice breeze that washes over us as we sleep. Nice.

We were so used to zippering that dodger up that we continued to do it even though the companionway was locked up. I had a sweltering night in the aft cabin and got completely freaked out with the heat, no air and the rolling motion all closing in on me. I went into the salon and sat underneath a hatch with air flowing over me. I started thinking that it would be nice to have this kind of air flow in the aft cabin. That's when it hit me. You moron! We can't get any air because the dodger is blocking most of it!

Last night was heaven. The dodger was open and the breeze just poured over us in bed and I did not wake up in a pool of sweat. We could probably add an air scoop but I wonder what a pain in the ass that would be when the squalls roll through every night.

So why do we lock it up? Crime. The Bahamas are safe with the exception of Nassau or Freeport. No reason to lock up. Turks and Caicos it was recommended. DR, PR we locked it. SVI, lock it up. The VI's we did not. Probably stupid but it was so freakin crowded we felt we were OK. Everywhere else down the line we locked it. Basically it will only delay entry but it gives you a fighting chance to defend yourself and call for help. To be honest, if we get back up island and to the Bahamas and even the States we will continue to lock it up. The world does not seem to be getting any nicer.

Peace, Love and Understanding.
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  1. I hope you haven't been reading the news from the states. It will ruin your day and your view of humanity. I can't wait to not be hearing it, seeing it, talking about it. That will be so cool!

    1. Unfortunately we have good wifi here and I am painfully aware of the situation across the US. Very sad. When we are moving we are tuned out and it is great. I do not want to be completely ignorant of what's going on in the States but to be exposed to the nutty posts on FB and other social media is disturbing, not to mention the "professional" media going off the rails at times with horrible commentary from losers that should have faded to black a long time ago.

      I have decided that after checking my email and blogs in the mornings I will turn back to writing or playing some guitar instead of reading all about it. You guys will love it out here and its fun to watch your progress. I do not get to comment much on blogs anymore because of the slow and sporadic wifi but I do catch most posts in my feed reader.

      Cheers! - P

  2. Do you have bars or something on your hatches or do you just not open them wide enough for people to climb through?