Sunday, March 26, 2017


Ah, this poor neglected blog. I was on a roll there for a while and now I slacked off again. I blame the internet. For some stupid reason we have been blessed with good wifi since we got back. We have no cell phone contract or prepaid minutes. This is just pure luck with a wifi booster antenna. I know this will end sooner or later so I have been taking advantage of it and basically binging on Youtube guitar lessons and watching Adult Swim on the cartoon network. Yes, I watch that. I find it hilarious especially Robot Chicken which apparently no one else around me enjoys.

Deb and I have some common ground on humor but then I tend to branch off into what she calls weird shit. Kind of like the blog sometimes. After she reads this blog she will just shake her head and not say anything. I'm like, What? What's wrong with it? Is it too weird? Offensive? She doesn't say anything and she know's it bothers the shit out of me. I bet she snickers on her way to the aft cabin knowing I am re-reading the blog post.

By the way, I will only watch youtube or any vids late at night so I do not soak up the bandwidth for others. The guitar lessons I set for download after midnight. About the only people I am bothering at that point are the pervs watching porn :D

Without getting too much into politics, I have been zoomed in on the latest crapola coming out of DC because the ACA is near and dear to our survival out here. I refuse to call it by it's other name. It is the Affodable Care Act and it helps people like us (no income and retired) and our grandson who has kidney disease. Without New York State's free child health care I feel our kids would be very challenged financially right now. You get the picture. The ACA is not perfect but for us it is a blessing. Hoping it will morph into single payer for all.

So enough of that. What else have we been doing besides zombified internet browsing?
Mostly we are just lounging around the boat like seals sunning on a rock. I do find time for projects when the mood strikes me. I have some gelcoat repairs to make and some wiring fix ups. The engine could use some cleaning/rust removal in some spots. The boat is kind of grundgy after the mechanics spent several days onboard spreading grease everywhere. They made a sad effort to clean it up and I was thinking if this was a new Hinckley they would be sending a crew back out to make it shine, but because we are just an old Morgan they made a wipe or two and left. One of these days we will find the time to re-paint the interior and re-varnish the wood. I know, get off the rock and get to work right? Yeah well we have almost written off this season because it is so short so we are just focused on sailing and island hopping until we have to get back to Trini to fly home.

We are experienced now in hauling and yard work in Trini and we know who and how to get things done quickly. We will be prepared and are actually going to get some interior carpentry work done. We will also make sure the hull and deck are cleaned and waxed properly this time. No major projects are planned other than adding more solar. Another 200 watts will be perfect. We will add these to the top of the Bimini. The current 400 ah battery bank appears to be the proper size. We lose about 50 ah overnight and by 2pm we are fully charged. Another 200 watts should get us to float by noon I would think.

That's all I have to say right now I guess. Fairly normal blog post from what I can see. Might have to weird it up a little next time. Maybe once we got to a more crowded anchorage I will have some ideas. This place is pretty mellow. We have South Africans and Brits all round us and they are pretty boring (normal). We had some Norwegians nearby that were interesting. The ladies went to shore in thongs. Yes, thongs. I was in the dinghy waiting to get the groceries handed to me by Deb and I froze as two tall blonde ladies in thongs stood up in their dinghy and smiled at my slack jaw and frozen outstretched arm waiting for Deb to hand me a bag. I can't help it. It's my American upbringing. I had to stare. Deb was not amused but she had the Norwegian guys in Trini to look at.

So today I will do a few chores and then get back on that rock for a nap in the Sun. Looks like Carriacou next week for more fun times.


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  1. I am thanking our lucky stars and the conservatives in congress for the ACA survival right now. That bill was draconian and would have punished us for being middle aged and having pre-existing conditions. Not to mention that our daughter has coverage thanks to the ACA. Long may it live. Fix the problems. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. I just repainted parts of our boat interior. Maybe I need to write that up. I got nothing better to do right now.

  2. Your photos are lovely, as is your blog. :)

  3. We have been focused on ACA as well. It works for us. In fact, our price dropped for 2017 compared to 2016. Is it perfect? No. But fix and update, don't start over with something worse.

  4. Cindy does the same to me on our blog:

    I can't begin to tell you how many times I have had to "edit" something so not to "offend" someone.


  5. I Love Robot Chicken. Too.

    Just another old retired white guy with a boat,
    a smaller boat,
    a Sea Pearl 21,
    Chris Noto.