Sunday, November 26, 2017

Change of scenery

I think It's time for a change of scenery. Let's see if we can get some bitch wings flying over in the other bay.

Amazing how relaxed we are now about other boats anchoring around us. Late yesterday a large money yacht dropped the hook close to us. They were ever so slightly behind us so we let it go but years ago I would have been glaring and shaking my head and telling them to back off. I saw they had a Mantus and they backed down hard on it. First thing I look for is the anchor and the technique. Not that I'm an expert or anything close to that but if I see the French Drop and then they head off in the dinghy to get liqoured up for the evening I'm not going to be happy. I hate having to Prairie Dog them all night while they sleep without a care.

Plenty of stuff that once annoyed us does not bother us anymore. Twenty knot winds, close neighbors, random surprise waste removal, the French (kidding), no quality tofu in the stores, fizzy yellow beer, salads without dressing, hourly 1 minute squalls, rolling anchorages (depends on the amt of roll), people who sail off their anchor ( Do we have to listen to your mainsail beat itself to death while you try to lift your anchor without the engine? Apparently. So now I enjoy seeing your topping lift line beat your sail like a rented mule), boat smell (what boat smell?), locals all wearing pants while you display sticks dangling from cargo shorts, cruisers with clothes the goodwill would not except (or the homeless), Dinghies with the motor lifted (kidding. If our new dinghy gets slashed by a prop from some dipshit who leaves their motor up I cannot guarantee how rationally I will react. No excuse for such stupidity), No wifi (I think it's for the best to take a break every now and then), cruisers racing for port to get a mooring or a good spot ( go for it dude. Burn that fuel).

OK enough rambling. I have chores. We have some traveling to do, if only a few miles east.




  1. I think back to the days when I first started cruising and now and it's amazing how many things don't bother me as much anymore. I figure it's the sleep deprivation affecting my brain somehow so that it doesn't realized it should be scared and/or annoyed at stuff that happens.

  2. I've been surprised at how few people have anchored 'too close' to us on this trip. seriously, in the PNW islands that happens all the time. You'll be the only boat in the anchorage and some dude will want to come in late and cozy up to you like they know you. Why? I don't get this behavior. Since we left WA state behind, that has not happened. One time it almost did, but I gave 'the look', mentioned the amount of chain we had out, and the guy gracefully moved back to a reasonable place. All was well. I didn't even have to get the wings out. It feels like those anchorages where you cruise are crowded. Is this just my perception? Oh, and I'm still not crazy about 20 knot winds. I will tolerate them, but it's not a good day when I have to.