Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1800 mile long weekend

Back To Annapolis We went back to the sailing capitol for a survey and sea trial of our future floating home. Things look good. Some work to be done, but nothing major. I've got five years to get her ready. So here we go! Should be interesting from here on out. Anybody want to buy a Hunter 34?? You can see from the picture that we are sailing the Chesapeake, and we look pretty focused. Deb had her turn at the wheel, and we were all helping her dodge crab pots! Between the pots and freighters, this place is pretty crowded. Back to West Lafayette, Indiana From Annapolis we trekked west to Purdue University to see my baby girl. We watched the boilers put away Iowa, then watched the students put away my beer at the tailgate. I managed to make a few disappear myself :) At Purdue they have this tradition called Breakfast Club, where the bars open to students at 6am on gameday, and most of the students are in costume. It is amazing what costumes you see in the morning. Sometimes they come to the game in costume. We saw Moses parting the student section with his staff, and starting a wave going in both directions around the stadium. Pretty funny. My daughter and friends getting smurfy at breakfast club.
Makes you want to go back......only if I could be sailing smurf. Well back to Webster NY, after 1800 miles of fun on the nations highways. I really need some sleep.

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  1. Hi Paul and Deb,

    Thanks for your comment on our blog. Did the 44 pan out for you? Talk about exciting! We are as you can see from our blog, having a great time again. The Washers, our traveling companions, are wonderful and we are glad to have them with us.

    How did you find our blog? We mistakenly think that only our family and a few friends are watching. It's neat to know that others are also finding it an enjoyable view.

    When we return someday to Sodus Bay, we would love to meet you and share experiences.

    Gary and Annette Grant