Sunday, December 16, 2007

Got soup?

Well, it feels pretty good to have a full house for the holidays. My Indiana girl arrived friday, sick as a dog, and hoping her parents can nurse her back to health. I just know my chicken noodle soup will do the trick. Good thing she got in early, as I imagine all the flights are screwed up right now, because of the BIG storm. By the way, since when is 8-10 inches a big storm up here? I'm going to be a little short on pictures for a bit, as my laptop bit the dust. Always remember to back up everything. I found a little interface that will turn my laptops hard drive into portable drive. Good thing, as I only backed up a few folders before the Dell went all silent on me. Buy an Apple! Well, we wussed out on a party because of the weather, and the fact that #2 is pretty sick, and wants her mommy :) Yea, I know, I know, I said 8-10 inches is no big deal, but the roads look icy, and I would go heavy on the wine so Deb would be driving :o Deb and I both made soup this weekend, one for Nic's health, and the other for the party. It was a soup party we were going to. Turns out, the host only makes the soup. I didn't know, so now we have two large pots of soup. Sorry Charlie and Liz, we'll make another batch for ya. It's raining ice! Good time to think about next years boat projects, and do some planning. Ever replace the packing in a stuffing box? Good pictorial here. I was poking around on the web before the Bills game (losers) and found some fun sailing stuff. Play the docking game here. Dinghy sailing anyone? Check it out.

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