Monday, December 3, 2007

In the yard

After all the phone calls, the missed dates, the delays, we finally have a new boat. The marina was never called before the trucker left, so we had a mad scramble to get the boat off the truck and blocked up. The marina (Todd) did a great job, getting two boats on jack stands. He had to get the work boat out of the lift before he could get our boat in it. I finally left when it got dark Friday night. Then back again Saturday and Sunday to winterize. Hopefully I did a good job. Not knowing the boat, I was a little nervous about forgetting something. The engine wouldn't suck coolant in, so I had to get better fittings to the extra hose I stick in the bucket of anti-freeze. Finally got about 3 gallons through it. This was after I pulled the impeller :( I thought maybe they sucked some Chesapeake mud in there. I put a 100 watt light bulb in the engine room, just in case. Not sure if that does anything. I had little energy left to cover the whole boat, so I got a tarp over the cockpit, and the first nice day we get, I'll tarp the whole thing. That's a lot of tarp. I think I owe Todd an order of wings. I also owe a certain dog a kick in the ass for getting all that stink all over me. Geez did that smell. Guess that jacket goes in the dumpster. It's exciting, and kind of sad to think that this boat will be the only one we launch in the spring. WhisperIII has lot's of memories associated with her. Hopefully she'll find a good home. Hopefully soon. Very soon. I'm starting to cancel magazines, cable, phones, internet, satellite radio, selling blood, fillings, hair, sex...just kidding. I'd never sell my hair :)

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  1. Congratulations. Nothing like a little excitement to keep the ticker going. Can't wait to get the gang together for the maiden voyage.
    See you Sunday evening at the Aldridges'.

    Karin Beachner