Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So much to do

Will I ever finish the kitchen? Wiping the haze off the tiles now. I stopped counting how many times I mopped the floor. I also have to get on the hands and knees to get into the corners, and I could not imagine doing this for a living. Being old doesn't help. Bosox ring ceremony today. Nic, you watch it! Fenway had all the Boston champion teams out on the field today. All my hockey gods of the past were there. Orr, Espo, Hodge, The Chief, it looked like they were all there. They were all old and gray too. Damn, so am I. Time waits for no one. They even let Bill Buckner back in town! Wow. Forgiveness at last. Poor bastard got run out of town for letting the ball go between his legs, and letting the Mets take the series. Sometimes we really have our heads in our asses. Forgive and move on...it's just a damn game. Been out to the yard, and saw some folks working already. We spent some time Sunday out there in the sun. Got lot's of work to do to get the big girl floating. WhisperIII is just about ready to ship out. The ice is gone, and the docks should be going in soon. If I ever get out of this kitchen, I'll have some boating topics to write about.

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