Sunday, April 13, 2008


Tile haze. How many times can you wash tile floors to get rid of the haze? Until next year apparently. I broke down and used haze remover, and a scotchbrite pad. That finally got most of it. Whenever I do finish this kitchen, I will.... Remove the banged up rubrail. Gelcoat the dings Wax the hull. The 44 foot hull from hell. Sand the bottom paint, and apply more, unless I die from the dust. Put the mast together. Hope everything is there. Rip out toilets. Gross. Rip out waste lines. Gross. Rip out waste tank. 135 gallon waste tank. Yes, 135 gallon waste tank. GROSS. Hope it's empty. Pray for me. Now this is what I'm talking about.. I swiped this from

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