Sunday, July 6, 2008


Together again, on a boat. This time there was no whining, no "when are we going back", "I'm too hot", "I'm too cold", blah blah blah. We had a beautiful sail, on a great day, reaching out to the bluffs and back. Could not have wished for a better day. It was great to have Kell and Nic on board. We even allowed Eric the surfer dude to come along. Nic got a break from the Indiana heat, to ride the cool waters of Lake Ontario. It was great to see her again after all this time. Quite a change from the last time we were all together on a boat. My girls are growing up. Now that they're working stiffs, they appreciate the quiet moments on the water, relaxing, and enjoying themselves. Life was good this weekend, because I had all my babes on board. We're going to finish off another week at the barge. Hopefully we'll get some sailing in between all the thunderstorms predicted. A mini- cruise might be in order. This video was made for Carol (my favorite mother-in-law). Don't worry Mom, we'll give you plenty of advance notice before we shove off :)

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