Monday, July 7, 2008

Robin - Fire Goddess

My sister the firebug, thinks gasoline is a good starter. Patience is not one of her virtues. Thankfully she is fine, and not in a burn unit right now. Just has no eyebrows, which I just have to see. I posted some videos of other people she can relate to. Love ya Bird :)

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  1. This is the Fire Goddess; just wanted to clear a few things up. I do have eyebrows, just a bit shorter, my eyelashes are much shorter, but still there. However, my left hand suffered 2nd degree burns (quite a painful night that was). I have gone through many stages, 1st it looked grey like a dead man's skin, then progressed to giant blisters, then turned brown and wrinkly, like an overcooked hotdog and then the dead skin started to fall off. I am now left with bright pink smooth as a babies bottom skin. Hope it all blends in soon and doesn't scar. I was lighting a fire in a steel firebowl we have built into the ground. The fumes came up the sides of the bowl and engulfed my head and hand. Burned a small section of hair on left side, burned all around my hairline. Amazingly it brushed out and it was hard to tell I had even burned it. Now you have the real story. P.S. I feel honored to have made your BLOG.