Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lazy Days of summer

We're just hanging out relaxing, and getting really sleepy. We need a strong breeze to get our blood going. Been some pretty slow sailing so far. We have had some spectacular sunsets though. Things are pretty quiet at the marina. That's good for us, bad for business. Been wondering about how my batteries will hold out overnight with the fridge running. I should probably test this before actually hanging on a hook. Don't want my Popsicles to melt. Yesterday we sailed out past the bluffs again, then drifted back, then caught a 10 knot breeze to close haul it back in. Alert handled very nice upwind. We got 4.5 knots out of 9, knot bad :) It was tough to keep our eyes open while drifting. Deb managed to nod off, while I just closed my eyes a few times. It's called geezer sailing. Go out and take a nap. Good thing we don't do this in a car.

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