Sunday, July 27, 2008

Working for the weekend

It's getting to the point where we flee the burbs, to get to the boat as quickly as possible. We even leave for work from the boat, at about 5AM. The summer is going by so fast, that we want to hang on to as much as we can, before we have to start raking leaves at home. Nothing like watching the moon setting on a foggy bay early in the morning. Friday we brought the office to the boat. Deb had her co-workers on the boat for a sail, and I had a co-worker from Poland visit. I believe we had ten engineers on board that day, so if anything went wrong, I think we would have figured it out. Actually fixing the problem would be another matter. The wind was blowing pretty good in the bay, but the lake had nothing but biting flies. It's getting to the point where if it's not blowing over eight, then avoid the lake and the flies. Too bad. We zipped around the bay, getting the heel over 20 degrees at times to the pleasure of the engineering crowd, with the help of barley and hops :) If I had two dogs, that's what I'd name them. My Polish friend Marcin was enjoying sailing for the first time, and America too. I'm glad he got to taste some real American ribs, and experience some of our natural surroundings. MacDonald's and the Mall is no way to spend a visit here, even though that is the way most Americans eat up their precious time, oh and cutting their grass. We discussed politics, religion, work, etc. and I have to say I learned quite a bit about Poland, and I can't wait to go there. Hopefully Marcin learned that our current government is not representative of most Americans. That's about all I have to say about that subject on this blog. Last week we had some friends visit. Part of our "old" gang stopped by for lunch, and a boat visit. We were missing a couple, so we can't call it a reunion, but it was good to see everyone. We seem to be getting busier as we get older. This is a good thing I think. We don't see each other often, but everyone looks great, and that's not from laying on the couch watching TV all day. One crappy thing I had to do was unplug the new toilet. What fun. There was a wad of toilet paper stuck in the hose to the tank. I only discovered this after I took most of the toilet apart. Glad I did though. I looked at the joker valve, and found it was in backwards, and that it was defective. ON A NEW TOILET! This pissed me off. I had to watch a one foot wad of toilet paper slowly eject out of a waste hose. Kind of like the old Play-Doh fun factory toys, where the stuff slowly oozed out before you cut it off. I took two showers, and rubbed hand sanitizer on my body. I sprayed so much chlorine around the area, that I couldn't breathe.

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