Sunday, August 3, 2008

Corn country

Boiler Up! We're in West Lafayette, Indiana for the weekend. Home of the Purdue University Boilermakers. We're helping our little boilermaker move into a new apartment. Four moves in four years. Ugh. My sore back. No sailing going on here. I feel closed in without any coastline nearby. Nothing but corn and soy. Mmmmm soy.
We moved everything in one day, so Sunday we just goofed off, and cleaned up the apartment, then kind of explored a little.

Alright, not much exploring to do in Lafayette, but we got into town for a bit. I really like the Irish bar that I've never been to. Four years, and it was right around the corner. What the hell. My Daughter was holding out on me. O'Bryan's 9 Irish Brother's. O'Bryan's, how fitting. I will be there come October for the Penn State game. Maybe a few black and tans before the game I think. I should introduce them to a Black and Sam. Geez, I'm thirsty.

We got Nic moved in one day, then another to sit around and annoy her. Deb and I started kicking around a soccer ball in her apartment, and got yelled at. She took the ball away from us. We're growing older but not up, as you can see.

I think Deb has a drinking problem. Actually, they were lined up on the deck because I took them out of the cooler, for transport to the fridge. We had good weather for the move, and now I'm looking forward to the next, as it will be the post graduation move. Yee Ha!

It was good to see our far away daughter. We're pretty proud of our little girl moving so far away, and handling things all on her own. She's grown up so fast, and we miss her so much.

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