Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last day in Kingston Town

Not sure what we'll do today. The morning fog just burned off, and the powerboat monster from Ottawa just left our side, letting in some sunshine. We leave at daybreak tomorrow, so an early night for us. I'm sure a band will start playing, or a dock party will break out before we hit the sack. Last night we ate at Chez Piggy, and had a great meal in the garden/patio. It was later than we usually go out, and the patio was lit up perfect. The setting is a courtyard patio, surrounded by stone buildings, with full grown trees, and vines around the tables. Pretty nice. We'll explore a little more today, then get her ready to cross to the USA. Supposed to be light winds tomorrow :( so we'll keep our fingers crossed for the engine to keep running smooth. Otherwise we'll be black fly bait. That would really suck.

1 comment:

  1. "black fly bait". Been there, done that. We almost decided to get the cockpit screened in, but decided there are better uses for all that money.

    Sound like you had a nice vacation.

    Ken Palmer,