Friday, August 29, 2008

Fay is in town

What a rollicking night! What's left of Fay came through last night, and it's still blowing here this morning. Not much rain, just wind. The Kingston Marina would have had us leaving today. No way. Glad we switched to the basin. This is the first "bad" weather we've had. What's a little wind. Took many walks yesterday to get the blood moving. It's amazing how lazy you can get on a cruise. After the morning walk, we went for an afternoon walk, which ended with my knee killing me (no ACL), and two ice cold margarita's to relieve the pain. A nap followed, of course. I took the time to polish all the stainless ports, and they look lot better. This gave me the opportunity to talk to the guy next to me, who has a Whitby 42 Ketch. A beautiful boat, which was on my short list of boats to look at. The guy is 82, and still cruising the great lakes. Good for him. He bought powered winches, furling main, powered everything, just to keep sailing. He also bought a new genny, which his wife replied "Why, you'll be dead before you use that". He said he will fly it all the way back home. No morning walk today, unless the weather breaks. I have plenty of chores to do, like finding cool stuff on the web....

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