Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lazy Days in the basin

It's hard to believe, but there is no wind here in Kingston. The basin is usually howlin, all the time, but for the last few days just a slight breeze. This makes for boring dock follies between 3-5pm. This is when most people arrive and have to dock in the usually high wind. Fun to watch. I still have an open slip next to me, so I might not be laughing later. There was a couple last year that pointed their boat at the dock, throttled down, then opened up a bottle of wine, and had some cheese while the dock hands tried to land the boat. Amazing. Haven't seen anything like that yet, but there must be money in Montreal, as that's where all the new boats are coming from. I hope one of them hit me. I need a new paint job. We had dinner at the Sleepless Goat. Kelly would have liked it, all organic, all vegetarian, and everyone in there looked like they graduated from ESF(hippies). Good food. I had a great lasagna, Deb had plenty of penne. We'll post more pictures later, when I get a better wifi connection. The big ass boat next to me is blocking my signal. I'm going for a morning walk around town, maybe stop at PanChancho for some pastries, and bread. The weather is turning a bit cloudy, but still warm. Rain later, but Saturday looks great.

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