Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life's a reach

With Kingston Ontario full up, because of the Blues Festival, we set off for Sackets Harbor, NY. After a perfect dock exit, not sure how that happened, we set off on a reach, east. A nice southern breeze of 8-15 knots propelled us towards Sackett's. We only ran the engine to leave Sodus Bay, then to dock at Navy Point. Amazing. This rarely happens, and only two flies came aboard, which were dispatched immediately, right after they bit Deb. Don't know how I did it, but we are wedged next to a trawler, with about a foot to spare. Got in, but have no idea how to get out. Spent most of my morning helping people dock. Really tight maneuvering in here. The brew pub is still fine, and we'll explore the town today (15 minutes) and settle in for the day. Maybe a nap, then dinner. Life is good.

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