Monday, August 18, 2008

Sailing again

It's about time we got back on the water for crying out loud. It's about time we got some really good weather too! We had some wind for a change, and too bad I had a hangover Saturday, because it would have been fun to stay in the 5 footers. We got back to the 4.5 footers on Sunday and had a ball. Saturday was a bay day, so I didn't hurl on Deb's shoes. Seriously, I can not drink anymore. Two for one beers, and the Guinness did me in. Imagine being in a dark boat, rocking back and forth in the wind, then waking up to blinding sunshine, feeling all sweaty, and pasty. A boat is no place for a hangover, and that was my last one. Word. Check out the video of the Queen Mary in San Fran. I saw this on Amazing how many boats were in the bay on Sunday. We got out into the lake with a bit of lumpiness, but the old tub handled it with ease. We were one of maybe 3 or 4 sailboats, and a few power. Upwind was a little slow into the waves, but off the air she was steady and quick. Eight miles out, and back, made for a nice ride, on a beautiful day. Felt good.

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