Sunday, February 22, 2009


Louisville is our first stop. Never been to KY. Seems nice at 70 mph. The Louisville metro area does not appear to be too big, but it was getting dark, and it is hilly, so maybe I'm mistaken. We arrived in good shape, and the truck is still running, but appears to be falling apart the more we drive it. I've filled up the tank three times, in the 600 or so miles we completed. The last time I popped the cap, and the strap that keeps it from hitting the ground broke, so naturally the cap hit the ground and broke. Now it's just a stub stuck in there. Hope I can get it off again. The interior headliner is about to fall on our heads, and the truck is making some weird noises. The front tires appear to be somewhat bald, as the anti-lock brakes came on every time I tried to stop in the snow. Yes it snowed. It started snowing when we got to Erie PA. What a surprise. Dreary PA has never let me get through it without crapping on me with rain, snow, high winds, ice. I bet more birds would crap on my car in Dreary, if birds lived there. We parked the beast in a Hampton parking lot, backed into a spot for easy exit. One thing I didn't remember, was that I had to get the bags out the back. The back of the truck is over a small hill filled with decorative gravel. Nic and I looked like idiots, as we kept sliding down the embankment trying to get our bags. This was after she shined a cell phone on the lock so I could enter the combination. We looked like we were breaking into the truck. Nicole found the whole thing very funny. I am here for her entertainment, after all.

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