Saturday, February 21, 2009

Off to a bad start

Well, everything was going smoothly. We got the truck packed up, with everything Nicole wants, and some things she doesn't want, but I snuck them in anyway. After almost a full load, I decided to start the truck, because they had to jump the battery when we picked up the ugly thing. Turn the key *click* *click* nothing. Dead battery. I called the company we rented from, and they said to jump it, and let it run for forty five minutes. Look turkeys, I already did that earlier, and three hours later it's dead. How about you guys get me a new battery. They wanted me to jump it, drive it over to them, and leave it until morning. Sorry, how about this plan, "Bring me a battery...NOW!" Well, they didn't show, and a phone call got unanswered about three times, then they were closed. Damn. Budget service was called, and they sent a repairman, who could not find our address in his GPS. How about a map pal. Long story short...while waiting for the service guy, the original guy from the rental place snuck in and replaced the battery. I heard the hood close, went outside and there he is. "Start it up. Got you a new battery". It started right up, and I canceled the service guy after he was on the road for half an hr already. What the hell. What would it take to make a call and say, " hey, be there in an hour with a battery". Oh well. Ready for takeoff at 8AM tomorrow. Come On Nic, Lets GO!

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  1. Good Luck Nicole and have a safe trip. Enjoy the warm weather!! Love you, Aunt Robin